Automatic Handle Loop Making Machine

Automatic Handle Loop Making Machine

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FAIRPRINT provides whole solution for Non-Woven Handle Loop Making while ensuring Robust, Reliable & Durable products and provides Best Value for Money.

Fairprint Non-Woven Handle Loop Making Machine is the major break through of our engineers who passionately hunt for the best to stand us different in crowd. Wealth of Fairprint lies in its passionate, knowledgeable & skilled people equipped with various modern technologies & giving innovative solutions, delivering continuous changes required by the customer. Non-Woven Handle Loop Making are extensively appreciated and recognized for their superior quality, reliability, efficiency and cost-cutting measure in India and Worldwide

This uses 2” wide strip of Non-Woven Fabric which folds the fabric uniformly from both the sides and does ultrasonic welding at the centre of the strip thus ensuring good quality & smooth handling.

Advanced Technology Control Panel with Touch Screen allows easy customer interface resulting in good quality & consistent output.

Salient Features:

  • Advance Technology Control Panel with Touch Screen
  • Easily changeable Length of the Handle Loop
  • Durable, Reliable & Safe.
  • Easy to work