Answer Sheet Numbering & Barcode Machine (NBF Series)

Answer Sheet Numbering & Barcode Machine (NBF Series)

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Answer Sheet Numbering & Barcode Machine

Fairprint Answer Sheet Numbering Machine is the major break through of our engineers who passionately hunt for the best to stand us different in crowd. Wealth of Fairprint lies in its passionate, knowledgeable & skilled people equipped with various modern technologies & giving innovative solutions, delivering continuous changes required by the customer.

Fairprint Transport System for Variable Data Printing Machine (VDP) on University Answer Sheet / Duplex Medicine Boxes  is a  exclusive Special Application solution  to print number, barcode, variable data, random data at very competitive running cost.

Duplex Medicine Box or any Answer booklet/ Magazine of  pages from 4 to 60 nos approx (up to 5 mm thickness) can be fed directly on the machine to print variable data like number, barcode etc.

This Answer Sheet Numbering Machine is compact, easy to run & highly productive .

Salient Features: 

  • Friction Feeder  
  • PLC Conveyor & Printing Head speed synchronization
  • Special Application Solution for University Answer Sheet / Duplex Medicine Boxes 
  • Smart Programming allows for Pre Set Count, Batch Count and Total Count
  • Durable, Reliable & Safe
  • Easy to Operate
  • Print Head Height adjustment according to Stock Thickness
  • Stream Delivery*

* Marked Features available in " NBFD Series " Only.